The Results-Based Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation System

Results-Based Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Software and Process Solution

Package Planning (PACPLAN) is a Results-Based Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation System Solution for government and large complex organisations to improve their policy/program/project measurement. It specifically targets gathering, collating, analysing and disseminating policy/program/project data. These easy to use system come with the combination of various features, including reports writer, graphics, GIS (Geographic Information System) technology, internet/mobile technology and modelling tools such as economic analysis.

The solution is very quick and economical to implement on economic community, national, regional and local level, satisfying needs of management. The implementation process can be customised to be in line with the institutional / capacity of the organisation.

PACPLAN Solution enables the organization to implement, in the existing environment within the short time frame, the planning, monitoring and evaluation of policy/program/project level management data gathering system. It can strengthens management capacity through:

  • Transparency, Accountability, Flexibility, Adaptability, Participation, Predictability, and Continuity
  • Decentralization, Enterprise Information Architecture / Synchronization, Enterprise Common Activity/Indicator
  • Multiple management objectives, Culture, Language & Business-process
  • Nationwide and grass root solution, Maturity of IT environment
  • The logical/result framework approach





  • Increased accountability in funding utilisation, through transparency available in PACPLAN throughout policy/project cycle down to the grassroots level, while providing room for adjustments needed in readiness for future improvements.
  • Key Performance Indicator (for investments, progress, quality, quantity, status) can be quickly incorporated into PACPLAN for project/policy monitoring and evaluation.
  • PACPLAN can be easily upgraded to adapt to the existing demands of the complex information system within the organisation.
  • A solution can be quickly customised to meet the available budget needs of a particular implementation phase.
  • Implementation can be customized to fit the organization's need for policy/project M&E System.
  • Deployment of the M&E System through PACPLAN to promote public and private sector good governance.
  • All changes in the organization structure, policies and data model can be applied to PACPLAN by end users and stakeholders with little or no intervention by the system development specialist.
  • System information analysis, calculation and report designer would allow policy makers (or head office) to create various performance analysis reports and distribute them to local governments (or branch/subsidiary) for their self-measurement use.